COPACSO is a membership organisation of Pastoralists organisations in the greater cattle corridor of Uganda. The members that make up COPACSO include; Basongora Group for Justice and Human Rights, Dynamic Agro Pastoral Development Organisation, Cattle Corridor Development and Management Initiative,  Greater North Parliamentary Forum, Jie Community Animal Health Workers Association, Kotido Peace Initiative, Matheniko Development Forum, Mbarara Development Agency, Nakasongola Pastoralist Association, Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa, Pastoralist Women Alliance on Breaking Cultural Chains, RiamiRiam Civil Society Network and Warrior Squad Foundation.

Membership to COPACSO:

Networks and Institutions

COPACSO belongs to a number of networks which has been an opportunity to build synergies and experience sharing through the big pool of knowledge and resources. The networks include.

Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP) – COPACSO is a partner of the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP) which is an informal advocacy coalition of European organisations, groups and experts working in partnership with pastoralist organisations, groups and experts in Eastern Africa click here

Pastoralist Knowledge Hub Of The Food And Agriculture Organisation Of The United Nations – COPACSO also works with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in the establishment of a Pastoralist Knowledge Hub which is a repository of technical excellence on pastoralism and mobile livestock keepers’ livelihoods, as well as a forum for exchange and alliance building read more by clicking here.

World Alliance For Mobile And Indigenous Peoples – COPACSO is a member and currently chairs the Eastern Africa Chapter of the World Alliance for Mobile and Indigenous Peoples (WAMIP) which is a global alliance of nomadic peoples and communities practicing various forms of mobility as a livelihood strategy while conserving biological diversity and using natural resources in a sustainable way read more by clicking here.

Dryland Learning And Capacity Building Initiative – COPACSO also works with the Dryland Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI). DLCI has actively documented and raised awareness on critical issues for dryland resilience promotion read more here.

Greater North Parliamentary Forum – COPACSO has established a strong partnership with the Greater North Parliamentary Forum (GNPF) and the Uganda Pastoralist Parliamentary Forum. GNPF is comprised of Members of Parliament from the Karamoja and the greater north region of Uganda read more here.

East and South African Pastoralist Network – COPACSO is also part of the East African Pastoralist Working group comprised of 10 members i.e. COPACSO, International Land Coalition, Kenya Land Alliance, Pastoralist and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa, PINGO’s Forum, Great Lakes Gender and Land Network (Rwanda), Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) and Tanzania Land Alliance. The working group has been working on developing a framework for advocacy on pastoralism in East Africa read more here.

East Africa Community And The African – At the regional level, COPACSO has also been involved in the activities of the East Africa Community through participating in the formulation of the East Africa Livestock Policy and the draft Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan of Action for Enhancing Resilience of Pastoralists in the dry lands of EAC read more here.

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