IYRP – Support an International Year of Rangelands and pastoralist 2026

Taking forward the voice of the pastoralist.


Building robust influence at policy level is critical for pastoralism in Uganda . Engaging policy makers and pastoralists on issues of land tenure, Natural resource development and Markets and livestock development. In order to achieve the UNSDGs the pastoral reproductive systems and family farmers need to be recognised as one sector that can sure the rights to food around the world. https://copacso/resources

Pastoralism and climate

Pastoralism is an age-old human activity embedded in natural ecosystems contexts less productive from an agriculture point of view, like mountains, steppes, forests, and arid lands, based on long-term coexistence relations with natives species of originally migrant grazing animals later domesticated, and often accompanied with complementary economic forms. https://copacso/resources

Partnership and Networks

Providing a platform for member organizations to engage in policy formulation and advocacy for recognition of pastoralism and the right of pastoralists to benefit from national and local resources. established partnerships with media houses and engaged them in order to enlighten the public about pastoralism aiming at changing attitudes and negative perceptions. https://copacso/resources

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Coalition of Pastoralist Civil Society Organisations (COPACSO).

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