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Climate Change and Pastoralism

FAO: Policy support and Governance gateways

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN has recently published the policy support and governance themes to support countries, institutions, civil society and academia in policy development. The FAO Policy Support and Governance Gateway is the go-to place for the organization’s policy work. It hosts 1,300 policy resources and tools, 29 policy theme pagesContinue reading “FAO: Policy support and Governance gateways”


Connecting the dots between soil and agroecology for food security and climate action. Digital Campaign on Agroecology for Healthy Soil For Immediate Release Date: December 4, 2020 AFSA PRESS RELEASE: WORLD SOIL DAY 2020 — AFSA Agroecology provides the most favourable soil conditions for plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biodiversityContinue reading “AFSA PRESS RELEASE: WORLD SOIL DAY 2020 — AFSA”

IGAD: E.Africa ministers call for free movement of pastoralists

November 21, 2020 Written by AARON GAD ORENA The ministers have called for free movement of pastoralists Agriculture ministers from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region have called for the adoption of a protocol on transhumance that would ease the movement of pastoralists across member states. IGAD is a regional integrated block that was created inContinue reading “IGAD: E.Africa ministers call for free movement of pastoralists”


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Pastoralism is a production system closely linked with cultural identity, one that relies on raising livestock on pastures that may be commonly or privately managed and accessed through agreements based on negotiation, reciprocity, and competition. Livestock are social, cultural, and spiritual assets, as well as economic assets, providing food and income for the family within and between generations. Bottom of Form

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